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A Note for April


Happy April! Spring is officially upon us and I, for one, couldn't be happier about it. After a long and at times trying winter, I think we're all ready for some sunshine and warmth. Here in Vancouver we are still struggling with high Covid numbers, and have tightened restrictions again. But the warmer days and longer evenings do a lot for our spirits. My main focus these days is finding easy ways to bring more joy into our day-to-day. It's hard not seeing our families and friends for this long, but we also know how privileged we are to be able to work from home and to be healthy. 

We moved into our new rental townhouse a couple months ago, and have been loving nesting away in here. There's a sizeable patio so I've been working on a design for that, which we'll be starting to action soon! I'll put together a post about my plans for that soon. I keep imagining summer afternoons just lounging out there, reading a book or hanging out after dinner with a glass of wine. So exciting! We've never had a patio that we've really wanted to use, so this will be very fun. 🌿

Our anniversary is this month (4 years!) and it happens to fall on Pizza Night Friday, so I'm thrilled. I think we'll get some wine, charcuterie, and order our favourite pizza. This year has really shown me how important and fun it is to celebrate these milestones, and just to celebrate everyday.

Ages ago, I used to write a weekly blog post of the things I was drawn to at the moment, things that I'm excited to be wearing, eating, making, and doing. I thought it could be fun to bring this back as a part of the Monthly Notes!

WEAR / Spring is the time of unpredictable weather and therefore, layering! Jeans and a cardigan work perfectly because it's not too cold here this time of year. I've been eyeing the Agolde Riley jeans for a while since they seem like a great vintage looking jean, and I've heard very good things. I recently ordered a pair of black ballet flats from Loeffler Randall and they are so dreamy and classic and they'd team perfectly all together. I've been wearing them on set constantly and they're so comfy and chic. 

MAKE / Last winter I started (re)learning to sew and I have a few ideas for fun things to make for the house, including a couple throw pillows for the bedroom. I'm very focused on adding a layer of special details to the house these days - pieces I've collected from designers I love or had a go at making myself.


EAT / Once our patio is up and running, I just want to relax out there while Levin BBQs dinner! We've been grilling often on sunny evenings and I can't wait until we can enjoy our meals outside.


DO / Even though it's likely still a couple months away, I'm getting so excited at the idea of a little travel, even small trips, as restrictions ease. Levin and I are thinking we'll do a few weekend drives out to wine country and enjoy the easy pace and charming landscapes. 

I hope you're starting to get some warm weather and have been enjoying these signs of spring! 



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