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Tailored spaces that feel like home.

Kendra Murphy Interiors is a residential design and decoration firm based in Calgary, Canada. We provide renovation, decoration, and furnishing services in Calgary, Vancouver, and remote across the country. We are known for crafting interiors that are elegant, charming, and easy to live in and for providing a seamless client experience.


Kendra Murphy Interiors

KMI provides renovation, decoration, and furnishing services in Western Canada, as well as through virtual interior design projects. With a focus on antique and vintage furniture and decor, as well as custom commissions, KMI designs bespoke interiors that feel at once warm, timeless, and fresh. We believe your home goes beyond any one particular design style and so we set out to craft something tailored to you and your family. The overall KMI philosophy is to design spaces that are thoughtful, highly considered, rooted in historical reference, and always tempered with a layer of playfulness and charm. 


Kendra Murphy

Led by founder and lead designer, Kendra Murphy, KMI works on residential renovation, decoration, and furnishing projects in Calgary, Vancouver, and virtually. With a nearly a decade spent in the design and furniture industry, as an interior stylist, art director, and designer, Kendra brings a wealth of experience in multiple aspects of designing and curating a home. More than anything, Kendra cares about designing a home that is right for the client and tailored to their lifestyle. Eschewing any one design style, Kendra brings her unique perspective to each project, designing homes that are made for the client and made for living.


We believe in working with a level of transparency that builds trust with our clients and we value their input at every turn. A well-executed project requires a team of talented collaborators and we build strong relationships with our trade partners and workrooms. We communicate fully and clearly so that you feel informed and confident at every stage.


We design for the long-term, forgoing trends in favour of selections that transcend the comings and goings. Timeless design with a twist. We seek to source pieces that you love so you will connect with them for a long time. Quality, comfort, and aesthetics come together to create the furniture, objects, and art that will become a part of your home for years to come.


We consistently design through a lens of livability, elegance, and charm, but we don't associate ourselves with one particular design style. Each home (and family) is unique and we bring our perspective to each project in order to create a truly individual space. Every design is tailored to you and to your family.


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“I wanted a warmer and brighter room that soaked in the sunlight but also felt cozy and that is exactly what I received! I can't wait to use Kendra again when I move into a permanent space.”

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