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  • Kendra Murphy

The KMI Design Process

We know from experience that a thorough process and thoughtful systems make for a smoother, more enjoyable project for our clients. Because of this, we prioritize our process and client experience as a whole. We want you to be able to sit back and relax. There are six phases that we move through during a design project in order to ensure an easeful, exciting experience for our clients.

Phase One — Project Initiation and Onboarding

This is the "get to know each other" phase of work and begins with your inquiry form submission and a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call. At this stage, we're establishing the scope of work, signing a contract, and paying a deposit to begin work.

Phase Two — Design Concept

Once onboarding is complete we move on to the design concept. At this stage, the focus is on establishing the direction. We work on mood boards for overall aesthetics as well as initial floor plans to determine furniture layouts, maximum furniture dimensions, and the overall use of space. This stage culminates in a design presentation, either in-person or over video call depending on the project, and it's always an exciting step!

Phase Three — Design Development

For full-scope interior design projects, our design development stage is broken out into hard surfaces and furnishings. During the hard surfaces step, we're working on finish and fixture selections, CAD drawings and elevations, and gathering physical samples. The first design presentation is focused on all of these hard surfaces — think tile, flooring, faucets, paint, and any built-ins. Once the hard surfaces step is complete, we move on to furniture and accessories. For furnishings, we work on planning the furniture layout, selecting all FF&E, and gathering fabric samples for both items that we are proposing to purchase as well as custom designs. The second design presentation is for furniture, accessories, art, and window coverings. Both of the presentations during the Design Development phase are done either in-person or over video call depending on the project and location. These presentations are often our clients' favourite part of the process (other than the final reveal!) because it's when you really get a sense of what the home will look and feel like, and it's such a thrill to see all of those materials and samples gathered together. It's one of our favourite parts too!

Phase Four — Procurement

Now that all of our designs and plans have been approved, it's time to move on to purchasing and placing orders! This is a part of the process that can sometimes be forgotten but it's actually a really big part of the job and when done right, can ease a lot of potential hiccups in the design process. Some clients choose to handle this part of the project, however, we love to take it off their hands. The time commitment can sneak up on you! During this stage, we're placing orders for furniture, accessories, art, and fabric as well as tracking the progress on all deliveries so nothing falls through the cracks. We use software to ensure that all orders are tracked and deliveries are coordinated seamlessly.

Phase Five — Implementation

This is when you really start to see things happening! We put together implementation documents for the contractor and a finish schedule to make sure all design decisions are clearly communicated with the construction team. At this time we're also coordinating with our workrooms for custom designs as well as with trades like painters and wallpaper installers, for smaller projects.

Phase Six — Install

Leading up to our install day(s) is when our order tracking system is really our best friend. We manage all deliveries so that you receive everything easily ahead of our final styling day(s). During the styling day(s), we are in the home, installing all of the new pieces, styling everything, and really making it feel finished and ready for a final reveal! This is also when we capture photography of the home.

While there are aspects that can't be controlled during a design project, a solid process goes a long way to making things more relaxed, enjoyable, and fun! We want our clients to settle into the process and know that everything is taken care of so they can sit back and relax.


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