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  • Kendra Murphy

Storage Solutions

Whether custom or pre-made, the right cabinetry system can make a huge difference in your everyday. They make it easier to stay organized and give everything a place. Plus, they're a great opportunity to incorporate beautiful wood varieties or colours through painted cabinetry. While we are huge proponents of commissioning bespoke joinery when possible, sometimes time constraints mean that finding pre-made storage solutions can also be a helpful option.

In the lounge area of our North Vancouver Townhouse project, we sourced a large unit with both open and closed storage that could also house the TV. This area is off the kitchen and where the children play while meals are being prepared, so the closed storage is perfect for toys and games. The open shelves provide plenty of space for displaying favourite items and ample opportunity for a good shelfie moment.

Depending on how much hidden storage you require, open shelving is a great addition because you can pop some pretty baskets throughout for a little more space to tuck things away. It's also a lovely way to add personality to a space. Along with upholstered furniture, accessories, and the profile of the cabinetry, it's a spot to add character by leaning art, placing bunches of flowers, and stacking your favourite art books.

When we're sourcing pre-made storage units, especially of this scale, we like to look for pieces that give the feeling of a built-in, bespoke unit. Substantial proportions, special details, and good hardware are all things we look for. In case you're in the market for something for your own home, I've sourced a few large storage units that fit my requirements for this type of piece.

If you're looking to improve the storage in your home, we'd love to work together. We work on projects of all sizes, including virtual interior design consultations, which are perfect for laying out a room and sourcing a storage solution like this. You can inquire here if you're interested in learning more. Happy organizing!


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