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  • Kendra Murphy

Our New Brand Design

This summer we worked with Madison at Ardor Design Studio on a new brand identity and I’m so thrilled to share it today! Madison did an incredible job interpreting the KMI design philosophy and perspective and reflected it beautifully through all of this new branding. Thank you so much, Madison for making us feel so polished and put together! I wanted to take the time to commemorate this new branding work here and share some snippets of the process and the finished product.

I loved working through the colour palette, typography, and custom pattern designs with Madison. She totally *got* the KMI approach from the beginning and knew that I wanted it to be timeless but with some whimsy. The typography and colours are classic and I think that the patterns add a lot of personality and playfulness. Plus, it's so special to have custom pieces as a part of our branding since designing custom furniture and decor for client projects is key for the KMI process.

The custom brand marks are another component that I truly love. It just feels so special.

Thanks for taking a look at the new KMI branding and thanks again to Madison and Ardor for such beautiful work!


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