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  • Kendra Murphy

Get the Look: Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

Some paint colours are so beautiful and versatile that they garner a following of their own. Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster has made a name for itself in recent years for being special and neutral at the same time. Farrow & Ball's colours are all stunning, and pouring over my F&B swatch book is one of my favourite pastimes. The pigments are rich and the colours are timeless.

Because Farrow & Ball is an investment brand and not always a fit for the project depending on budget, I've tried my hand at matching some of their colours in the past. While I think a high quality paint is a great investment in your home, if you live in a rental, or if it's just not in the budget cards, it can be useful to have lower price point options at your disposal. I've sourced the best match so you can get the Setting Plaster look, for less.

When I was planning to paint our upstairs bathroom, I imagined a plastery pink from the beginning. I love how romantic and minimal it is and it feels really cozy in there now. Our bathroom is at the top of the stairs and when I come up I see the new colour and it makes me so happy every single time. I tested a few colours to get the best possible Setting Plaster match. I didn't want it to lean too pink or too beige. I found the perfect match, and here it is:

Behr Cinnamon Tea! It's perfect.

I love how Behr Cinnamon Tea turned out in this bathroom. And perusing my swatch book makes me look forward to investing in the real deal when we buy a house one day.

But for rental living, this is perfect!

To end off, here's a painting tip for you to file away for your next project: before you buy all the paint you need, purchase a sample pot and a large piece of card stock paper (you can find it at a local dollar store). Paint that sheet with your sample and tape it up in the room(s) where it's going. This way you can move it around to different areas and see how the light at various times of day behaves with the colour. Enjoy!

(Images by Ben Pentreath, Farrow & Ball, F&P Interiors)


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